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Stress, Anxiety  & Depression
Anxiety, stress and depression dealt with by Keith Jefford DCH, DHP, GQHP  Clinical Hypnotherapist serving the Havering area - Upminster, Upminster Bridge, Elm Park, Harold Wood, Romford, Brentwood.  Specialising in weight loss, fears and phobias, sleep disorders, anxiety/depression, pain control, digestive problems, exam and driving test nerves
Hypnotherapy can provide help and support for a problem which covers a wide range of conditions, from a generalised feeling of fear and anxiety through to feelings of being unable to cope with even the simplest of things.  It can also help lower blood pressure by removing underlying stress.
"After having had a very bad car crash recently, I was extremely tense and nervous about driving again. I had lost all my confidence and felt really angry and upset with myself. After only two sessions, my confidence levels were back up to normal and I was back on the road again. I am glad I went to see Keith and would strongly recommend him."  BP.
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the help you have given M over the last couple of months. Although there are still many mountains to climb you have shown him the path to use to help make his journey more bearable. It has been a very traumatic ride for us both and I can honestly say I don't think we would have made it without you." RA
Stress comes in a variety of  forms...
...physical stress can be caused by things like chronic pain, tightening of jaw muscles, clenching of teeth etc.
...emotional stress can be caused through hatred or jealousy, fear, repressed anger, guilt etc.
...and mental stress by pressure of work, relationship problems or low self-esteem.
...Stress is often brought on by change, or even just the threat of it, and makes us feel out of control.  It restricts our ability to enjoy ourselves and everything around us, closing us down into a bundle of unhappy self-obsession.
Stress can also have a very negative impact on health, manifesting itself as a variety of symptoms ranging from headaches, feelings of nausea and stomach upsets right through to muscles pains, panic attacks and a sense of dissociation from everything around.  Sometimes stress can get so bad that it makes even choosing between coffee and tea an impossible decision.  It can also lower immunity and make you more susceptible to infections.
Having had to cope with stress for a large part of my life before discovering hypnotherapy, I have a special interest in helping with these problems. 
I provide a wide range of stress reductions strategies to help clients develop their own coping mechanisms.  I also provide ego and confidence strengthening suggestions in hypnosis and make specially recorded relaxation CDs/mp3's for use between sessions. 
 I also teach self-hypnosis and other relaxation techniques which can be used in the street or even in a meeting and no one else will ever know! 
I also use PSTEC, a new and very fast technique for getting rid of the negative links between things which stress you and your emotional response.  As a result, after just one session of treatment, many people find that they have become more able to deal with the things which stress them, becoming calmer and more rational when under pressure, making them more effective at work and more relaxed at home.
As with stress, depression comes in a variety of forms ranging from mild depression caused by an strong, stressful occurence such as the death of someone close, loss of a job or the break up of a relationship, through to full blown clinical depressive states which require help from a GP or the local Mental Health Care team.
In either case, depression is debilitating and deeply frustrating for both the sufferer and their family.  It saps the motivation to do the things necessary for recovery and it can obscure any hope of developing a positive view of life. 
Much of my work with people suffering from depression focusses on helping build a more positive view of the present and a sense of optimism about the future.   As with stress, this involves the development of tailor-made strategies - some for coping with dark moments and others designed to help bring back the joy in life.
It is important to appreciate that Hypnotherapy is an adjunct to other treatments provided to those suffering from long-term, chronic depression. As such, I am very happy to work alongside Mental Health teams and GP's as part of their treatment programme, and am always pleased to meet with them direct or discuss issues by phone.  With the client's permission, I am also very happy to keep them appraised of the progress of the therapies being used.
If you are affected by any of the issues described above, please feel free to give me a call to talk further.
Keith Jefford DCH, DHP, GQHP, PSTEC Advanced
Clinical Hypnotherapist (General Hypnotherapy Council and CNHC registered)
T:  01708 224698
M: 07970 111657
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