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Sleep Problems
Poor sleepers are four times more likely to have relationship problems and be three times more likely to have problems concentrating than those who get enough rest, according to the Great British Sleep Survey.
Some people simply find it difficult to get to sleep while others wake up repeatedly throughout the night.  Some wake up at around 2.00am or 4.00am then can't get back to sleep at all, only to find themselves dozing just as the alarm goes off.  Other find that they are dogged by repetitive negative thoughts ranging from anxieties and fears about friends & family, work, money and home through to thoughts about death, world war and the end of the universe.
Whatever form affects you,  it can be extremely wearing, leaving you feeling tired, anxious and emotionally unstable.  It slows you down and spoils enjoyment of life.
There are many causes of these problems - stress, anxiety and depression, over-use of caffeine and other stimulants, shift work, moving house or job, bereavement, relationship difficulties and so on.
Hypnotherapy is a gentle and natural way of dealing with sleep issues.  It can help you resolve the issues which are disturbing your natural sleep patterns as well as teaching you techniques to improve your ability to drop off quickly and naturally.
I always teach my sleep clients self-hypnosis to help them deal with current tensions and stresses and to head off future worries  before before things get bad enough to disturb sleep. 
I often create tailor-made sleep CD/mp3s for individual clients, which are designed to create the conditions for a sound night's sleep.  Clients are also given an Advice Pack which contains ideas for dealing with worries and stress before bedtime, things to do to relax, ideas for up setting of a pre-bed routine which prepares the subconscious for sleep and a whole lot of other practical suggestions.
To discuss any of the above issues and how hypnotherapy could help you, please give me a call for a free, no obligation, consultation.
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