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Exzema, itching, blistering dealt with Keith Jefford DCH, DHP, GQHP  Clinical Hypnotherapist serving the Havering area - Upminster, Upminster Bridge, Elm Park, Harold Wood, Romford, Brentwood.  Specialising in weight loss, fears and phobias, sleep disorders, anxiety/depression, pain control, digestive problems, exam and driving test nervesSkin Problems
Hypnosis can be highly effective in helping treat skin conditions.
The link between our nervous system and our skin exists right from the start of foetal development - the skin and the tissues of the nervous system are both developed from the same source material, called the ectoderm, which is the outermost layer of the embryo.
It's often said that the condition of our skin reflects both our general health and our emotional state.  Our skin changes colour when we are tired or ill, it look dull and dry when we are feeling stressed, it erupts into spots, dry patches, scaly irritation and rashes in response to stress and anxiety states.
These conditions are stressful in their own right, often creating a downward spiral of anxiety and depression - disrupting sleep and causing soreness, itching and painful inflammation, which fuels irritability and creates yet more stress.
In addition, skin conditions can also create psychological problems for sufferers, making them acutely self-conscious and leading to their avoiding social situations, taking time off work and losing confidence in themselves.   In addition, both young children and teenagers may have to endure taunting and bullying in both school and social situations.
Hypnotherapy can be very effective in breaking these negative cycles of stress and physical symptoms. 
Firstly, it can provide relief from pain, inflammation and irritation.   In addition to hypnosis, I teach a number of visualisation techniques which clients can use for themselves to ease and sooth away discomfort and itching.  
Secondly, I use Relaxation and Healing techniques to help support the body's own repair mechanism and create the positive mind-set needed to speed the skin's healing  process.  
Thirdly, I use therapies which deal with the mental stress of coping with a skin condition and thus help rebuild self-confidence.
Finally, hypnotherapy can help deal with social phobias and provide sound advice on dealing with taunts and bullying arising from "being different".
To discuss any of the above issues, please give me a call for a free, no obligation,  consultation.
Keith Jefford DCH, DHP, GQHP, PSTEC Advanced
T:  01708 224698
M: 07970 111657
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