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Many people have expressed interest in the subject of Regression for both therapeutic and "recreational" purposes.
It is an area which has interested me for a long time and so I offer both types of regression.  The following is a brief explanation of the role and process for each.
Current Life Regression - therapy for healing trauma
Many of the clients I see have experienced traumatic things in their lives.  Unloving  childhoods, horrific accidents, abusive relationships, lonliness and isolation.   For them, life is a daily drudge of despair and anxiety.  They seem to be doomed to spend their lives trying to escape their past and forge a new and more positive future.
Hypnotherapy is a particularly good tool for dealing with these types of issues, because it allows the past to be directly confronted but without the pain, fear and emotion which normally attaches itself to the event.   This dissociation from an event allows an individual to watch pages of their past unfold while they watch it - as though they were a dispassionate adult observer.  
 This makes present life regression an extremely powerful tool - for instance, in helping victims of childhood abuse (both physical, verbal and emotional) to watch events from an adult perspective, to begin to realise that what happened was not their fault; that the were innocents caught up in uncontrollable events.  During such a session, the client can bring about healing and resolution through comforting his/her own inner-child, explaining what has happened and  offering their own healing love and protection to the child.  In the same session they can use the power of their imagination to confront the people who caused anguish and pain; to say all the things they've wanted to say all their adult life but were afraid - or unable - so say in real life, often releasing a torrent of hurt and anguish which has been locked for many years, and bringing about healing and a sense of peace and closure. 
Past Life Regression - help you to learn more about yourself
Many people have a strong and sincere belief in the existence of past and future lives and an understandable curiousity about how past life experiences might have shaped their current life and the things which are happening in it.  Even those who don't hold such beliefs find "past life" exploration an enjoyable voyage into their subconscious.
However you view it, the hypnotic state allows the mind to become free and to get in touch with elements of the psyche in which past experiences/learnings have been stored.   These may indeed be memories of past lives or perhaps elements of more recent experiences which have lodged themselves in the brain awaiting further consideration.  Either way, taking the time to explore them can result in some truly remarkable insights and revelations.
A very level-headed business-woman nearing retirement saw herself as a late 17th Century Dockyard Superintendant in a recent session.  She was watching ships being loaded.  She couldn't identify the cargo and didn't know if the ships were merchantmen off to trade or fighting ships off to do battle.  Because the sense of smell is the sharpest to evoke memories I gently asked her to sniff the imaginary sleeve of her uniform jacket.  She instantly replied "I can smell the smoke from the guns" and then launched into the details.
A very intelligent man in his early 40's suffering from low self-esteem gently slipped into a spontaneous past life regression while I was talking with him in trance.  He suddenly announced that he could see military uniforms all around him and then began to curse himself for not waiting, for being impetuous and for making a decision without waiting for more information.  As we explored his experience it slowly emerged that he was seeing himself as a junior officer on the edge of a battle who sent his men to their deaths on the basis of faulty information.  So vivid was this experience that were able to bring his men back in imagination so that he could tell them how he felt and how  sorry he was that they had paid the ultimate penalty for his mistake.  Forgiveness was immediately forthcoming from his troop and the look of relief and release on his face was one I'll treasure for a long time.
Whether you believe in it or not, Past Life Regression is a fascinating experience.
It is done in a single 2-hour session and includes a recording of the session and a topline transcript of the most interest findings.
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