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Other Issues
Many other issues can be dealt with using hypnotherapy. These include
Agoraphobia, Anger Management, Anxiety, Assertiveness, Asnosmia (loss of sense of smell/taste), Bereavement issues, Bed wetting, Blushing, Constipation, Counselling, Dental Phobia, Driving Test Anxiety, Empty Nest Syndrome, Exam Anxiety, Fear of Birds/Animals/Spiders, Fear of Needles/Surgery, Thunderstorms, Grief, Headaches,  Insomnia, Irritable Bowel System (IBS), Lack of Confidence, Migraine, Fear of Loss, Nail Biting, Obsessive Compulsive Bisorder (OCD), Pain Control, Panic Attacks,  Performance Anxiety, Phobias, Psychosexual Disorders, Restless Legs, Snoring, Sports Performance Enhancement, Stuttering, Trauma, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)...
...and many more.
If you would like to discuss these or other issues which are disrupting your life, please give me a call for a free, no obligation, consultation.
Keith Jefford DCH, DHP, GQHP, PSTEC Advanced
Clinical Hypnotherapist (General Hypnotherapy Council and CNHC registered)
T:  01708 224698
M:  07970 111657
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