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Fears & phobias dealt with  by Keith Jefford DCH, DHP, GQHP  Clinical Hypnotherapist serving the Havering area - Upminster, Upminster Bridge, Elm Park, Harold Wood, Romford, Brentwood.  Specialising in weight loss, fears and phobias, sleep disorders, anxiety/depression, pain control, digestive problems, exam and driving test nervesFears & Phobias
This page deals with the different ways in which fears and phobias can express themselves - not only inhibiting your own life but also affecting your family and friends.

Hypnotherapy can help to sort out fears and phobias including...
Fear of flying, panic attacks, PTSD, agoraphobia, claustrophobia,  fear of vomiting (emetophobia), fear of dentistry and/or surgery including blood, pain, incisions, injections, needles, drilling, fillings, cotton wool, anaesthetic, animals, thunder/lightening, germs, bridges, birds, clowns, spiders, insects, bees/ wasps, blushing, panphobia(fear of everything), public speaking, pain, buttons, water, social situations, separation anxiety, empty nest syndrome etc (see the Frequently Asked Questions section of this site for a more complete of list of things which hypnotherapy can help you overcome).
A Few Testimonials from Clients

Fear of Flying....


Emetophobia/Fear of Vomit/ing...

"I have just had three sessions of Hypnotherapy with Keith and my life has been transformed. For many years I have had this anxiety of being sick in public places, which left me in a constant state of anxiety anytime I had to go anywhere. Since my treatment I have travelled on the tube, been to pubs, a family party, meetings at work without any fear or anxiety whatsoever.   If anyone is reading this with doubt in their mind about Hypnotherapy, take it from one who knows it works and give it a go, I feel like my life is beginning all over again. Thanks Keith you’re my superstar."   JN

Brontophobia/fear of Thunder...

" I’ve completely lost my fear of thunderstorms.  Now, instead of hiding under furniture I actively look forward to them! Thank you Keith.  It’s changed my life."   BG

Trypanohpobia/Fear of Injections...

“I couldn’t even face seeing an injection on TV.  I nearly passed out when I saw an ad with needles on the back of a bus while I was driving!  Now I happily watch medical programmes with needles, don’t feel anxious about injections and am even happy to handle a hypodermic needle without feeling like I want to throw up or faint!  I have now had dental treatment, blood tests and flu jabs and felt fine each time.”  AS.

Why Hypnotherapy Works So Well for Fears & Phobias
The human brain is a miracle.  It contains a billion nerve cells; it makes one million new neuronal connections per second.  The computer which produced this website can do around 25 billion processes per second; the human brain does 100 trillion processes in the same time.
Unlike a computer, the human brain has the miracle of emotions - the ability to observe events outside ourselves and react to them.  Half a billion years ago, when the brain first evolved, it had nothing much to do but protect us and keep us alive.  It scanned the environment looking for danger, alert to the possibility of being attacked or injured.  In response to threats it developed the Fear, Flight or Fight mechanism so that we could think faster, run faster and act faster.  It told us when we needed to eat; and protected us from starvation by making us eat more in times of plenty so that we had fat reserves to use during times of famine.
Now, in the 21st Century, these primitive mechanisms are still in full swing, continuing to protect us and ensure our personal safety.  However, as life has got more sophisticated the emotional side of our brain has somehow got left behind.  
We seal ourselves in aluminium tubes and hurl ourselves 30,000 feet into the air where we are expected to relax, eat a meal and enjoy a film;  we travel thousands of miles from our homes in less than a day when our ancestors often travelled no more than 5 miles away from their own village in an entire lifetime. We also have the added stress of volcanic dust, industrial disputes and flight delays which could stretch into days.
As a result, the most primitive parts of our brain often come into conflict with the parts that represent the sophisticated modern brain (the Neocortex).  This conflict creates the conditions in which  fears and phobias thrive, forcing us to create avoidance behaviours, to restrict our lives and to worry and fret.   We can sometimes go further - we comfort eat, get addicted to cigarettes and alcohol and feel stressed and anxious all the time.  In other words, we lose control of our lives.
A lifelong phobia can be created by a single event, to which the brain attaches an inapropriate negative emotion.  As a result, any repeat of the initialising event (public speaking, flying, dental treatment etc) brings about a phobic reaction - fast heartbeat, sweating, feeling faint/nauseous etc
It is possible to become phobic about anything - animals, birds, places, buildings, sounds, colours, numbers, tastes, textures, sights and events (to give you an idea of how varied phobias can be, you'll find a list of  phobias taken from Wikipedia on the Frequently Asked Questions page). 
Hypnosis, used in combination with effective therapy can very quickly and effectively remove the phobic response and allow the suffer to regain control of their life.
If you suffer anxiety, fears or phobias, please give me a call for a free, no obligation, consultation.
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