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Make you wedding day a more relaxed and happy ocassion for everyone involved.  hypnotherapy can help resolve the embarrasment of nail biting and blushing  and the stress of weight loss, giving up smoking, or having to make a speech.  Wedding day.  Wedding.  Big day.  Wedding speech.  Marriage.  Bride.  Groom. Best man.  Father of the bride speech.  Best man speech.  Blushing bride. Bride blushing.  Embarassing blushing.  Give up smoking for wedding.  Stop nail biting for your wedding.  Feel more confident for your wedding.  Wedding confidence.
Wedding days are wonderful but the run-up can be extremely stressful, especially if the stars of the show are feeling unhappy, nervous and uncertain about how they'll look or feel on the day. Let hypnotherapy not help make the wedding day a more relaxed, enjoyable ocassion for everyone, but also provide them with a gift which can last a lifetime.
Keith Jefford
Clinical Hypnotherapist
(General Hypnotherapy Council and CNHC registered)
T: 01708 224698
M: 07970 111657
Dreading Making a Speech?
One of the world's most common fears is that of public speaking.  Don't let fretting about making a speech spoil the day for the groom, bride's father or Best Man.
Hypnotherapy can make public speaking an enjoyable and happy experience for the speaker, not only on the day, but also thereafter.  It's a wedding item that continues to yield benefit in business and social situations for years after.
Lose Weight and enjoy the day!
Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight, not just for the big day, but for good.   Learn how to eat like someone who is naturally thin, deal with those emotions which drive compulsive snacking and with innapropriate eating habits. 
Deal with Shyness, Embarrassment & Blushing
Many people find being the focus of attention embarrassing and difficult.  Some suffer sweating, anxiety and panic attacks.   Others find blushing  an embarrassing problem, especially for those close-up photographs.    Hypnotherapy can help build self-confidence and eliminate blushing  and anxiety - making not only the big day, but also the days,weeks and years which follow, happier and more rewarding.
Stop Nail Biting!
Have beautiful, natural  nails on the big day and continue to enjoy them for years afterwards.   Also builds confidence and strengthens self-esteem.
Want to Stop Smoking?
Just click on this link to go directly to the Smoking Cessation page....
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