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Digestive problems dealt with by Keith Jefford DCH, DHP, GQHP  Clinical Hypnotherapist serving the Havering area - Upminster, Upminster Bridge, Elm Park, Harold Wood, Romford, Brentwood.  Specialising in weight loss, fears and phobias, sleep disorders, anxiety/depression, pain control, digestive problems, exam and driving test nervesDigestive Disorders
Independent research has shown that going into a hypnotic state quite naturally slows down gut function without any particular suggestions being made.
Change can be brought about through the induction of different emotional states under hypnosis - feelings of happiness, for instance can reduce muscle movement in the stomach, while anger/ excitement does the reverse.
By combining therapeutic clearing of anxiety and stress with hypnotic suggestion, those suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), inflammatory bowel disease, Colitis, Peptic Ulcers and duodenal ulcers, nervous stomach disorders and constipation can all be helped.
In addition, I always teach self-hypnosis, together with other coping techniques, so that clients can begin to control their own symptoms using a repertoire of mechanisms which they can adapt to suit their own needs
Some people misdiagnose "nervous tummy" as a digestive rather than an anxiety related problem. If this applies to you, please click here to be redirected to the correct page on this website.
If you are affected by digestive disorders of any kind, please give me a call for a free, no obligation, consultation.
Keith Jefford DCH, DHP, GQHP, PSTEC Advanced
Clinical Hypnotherapist (General Hypnotherapy Council and CNHC registered)
T:  01708 224698
M: 07970 111657
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