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Code of Ethics & Conduct
As a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have been trained by, and passed the viva voce and written examinations of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and am qualified  to use the titles DCH and DHP after my name. I am also fully insured to practice as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.  In addition, I do regular CDP (Continuing Professional Development) courses to learn new skills and development my knowledge and understanding of the latest techniques in this ever evolving area of therapy.  To this end, I  also attend the quarterly meetings of the Association of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy.  I have also trained in use of  Percussive Suggestion Technique (PSTec) therapy at Advanced Level and in using PSTec for smoking cessation.
The ICH has a strict Code of Conduct and Ethics which reflect the very best standards of practice. I take my own conformity to the Code very seriously.  As such...
  • I will never take on clients purely for financial gain.
  • I will never offer or promise cures for any condition.
  • I will enjoin to keep the clients affairs confidential, the law of the land not withstanding, except to those people on whom the therapist relies for professional support or supervision.
  • I will maintain a distinct boundary between a professional working relationship within sessions and any other relationship with the client.
  • I will never enter into a sexual relationship with any client. 
  • I will not use Hypnosis for any purpose that undermines the credibility of the professional or ridicules of embarrasses the subject, whether that is in public or private life.
  • I will make referrals to other practitioners where appropriate.
  • I will at all times conduct my professional activities with the propriety and dignity becoming a servant of the public. I shall not, under any circumstances, infringe the code or morality becoming the profession and shall not commit any breach of conduct that would  reflect badly on myself, or the Institute of Clinical Hypnosis or upon my fellow practitioners.
  • I will accept that any client referred to me by a Medical Practitioner remains the clinical responsibility of that Medical Practitioner and therefore will agree to keep that Medical Practitioner and other relevant agencies up to date with written reports of the client’s progress.
  • I will under no circumstances advise clients to discontinue any course of treatment prescribed by a registered Medical Practitioner.
  • I will at all times respect the integrity of other recognised health practitioners.
  • I will not claim to have qualifications or credentials not earned, or use designated letters to which I am not entitled.
  • I will disassociate myself from any quasi-professional organisation that, in itself, has achieved public scrutiny in relation to malpractice or fraud.
  • All client information will  be handled sensitively and remain strictly confidential.
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