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Anger can destroy relationships, affect the outcome of custody judgements in divorces, ruin the lives of the sufferer and those around him or her. 

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Understanding Anger and Angry Behaviour
Anger has many causes.  Sometimes an individual might have an ongoing psychotic mental health problem (paranoid schizophrenia for example) which requires specialist diagnosis and the help of pyschiatric healthcare professionals who are able to create drug and therapy programmes designed to help patients control their illness and return to normal functioning.   I refer to this as a functional problem, and regard it as beyond the remit of therapy such as mine to resolve.
In many cases, however, anger can be the product of emotional trauma, such as being betrayed by a trusted partner in business or in love, or the sudden loss of of a parent or child, unresolved grief or the outcome of a sudden traumatic event leading to creation of symptoms of (or even full blown) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  
In other cases it can be a learned behaviour - the result of being raised in a chaotic or combative family where aggression is the norm, or be the result of  poor parenting or abuse in childhood. 
Any of these events might cause an individual to either suddenly become angry and abusive or be unable to change their angry behaviour.
I address Anger Management in two main ways:-
i)  To straight away teach a client a number of methods for controlling anger and changing their response to the things which make them angry.  In effect, teaching how to keep themselves (and others) safe in stressful situations.
ii)  At the same time, I try to establish the reasons a client feels angry.  Sometimes they are quite obvious - fear, hate, disgust, frustration at the way a person or the world has treated them.  At other times, the causes of these feelings have been blocked and hidden by many years of repression and so need to be helped to reveal themselves.  Either way, I look to deal with those emotions which are providing the fuel for anger and to help the client release them.

 If we remove the fuel, the anger has nothing to work with and so it weakens or disappears altogether and can be replaced by other more positive emotions.
Anger Management helps clients see their lives in a new way. They start to notice a change in the way loved ones, friends and workmates respond to this new calmer person.  How they themselves feel more secure, more loved and valued. How new opportunities begin to arise in their work lives as employers see that they have become more stable and predictable, more focussed on their work and less intent on arguing and being angry with colleagues and managers. 
If you suffer from Anger issues,  please feel to give me a call for a free, no obligation, telephone consultation.
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